Intelligent ERP
Crafted in Minutes

Transform how your organization operates with AI-driven automation, making every process 10x more efficient.

AI Prompt 'Send Joe an Invoice for 3 Red Chairs at $50 and 2 blue chairs', auto generates all ERP modules and workflows requiered to create and send the invoice, invluding creating a warehouse and adding inventory.

Experience AI-powered
Automated Process Management

Exax One is the first AI-powered ERP built from the ground up with AI at its core.

No consultation, implementation, or customization phases are required. 

Simply, start by describing your processes, and an ERP will be instantly crafted to your specifications

Experience a new era of ERP today

Not ready to replace your existing ERP software with a smarter solution? 

Exax One integrates with existing solutions effortlessly

Sales Force


Net Suite

MS Dynamics

Options to integrate with business systems are being added continually

If your platform is not listed, please contact us and provide the platform you are using

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Understanding ERP

Is It the Right Solution for Your Business?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is software that integrates all the core processes needed to run a company, including finance, HR, manufacturing, supply chain, services, procurement, and more, into a single system. 

ERP provides real-time visibility into operations, streamlines business processes, and improves decision-making and efficiency across the organization. 

By consolidating data and automating workflows, ERP systems help businesses of all sizes manage their day-to-day activities more effectively, fostering collaboration and driving growth. 

Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, an ERP system can adapt to your needs, offering a scalable way to achieve operational excellence and strategic insights.

All businesses can benefit from an ERP system.

Exax One elevates these benefits by leveraging AI to offer unparalleled efficiency and customization.

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Pricing Plans

Clear and Simple

AI Contact Manager

$ 0 .00

user / month
  • AI Contact Manager
  • AI Card Capture  |  100x Monthly Credits
  • AI Launch Codes  |  5x Monthly Credits
  • Contacts API

Standard User

$ 50 .00

user / month
  • Exax ERP
  • Center of Excellence | CoE
  • Unlimited customization
  • API integration

AI Consultant

$ 750 .00

user / month
  • Standalone AI-driven consulting
  • Direct client feedback
  • Export reports and data
  • *Does not require Exax ERP